[Pkg-zsh-devel] Bug#953389: Bug#953389: zsh-common: completion for dscverify is missing

Romain Porte debian at microjoe.org
Mon Mar 9 09:33:29 GMT 2020


09/03/2020 02:51, Daniel Shahaf :
> Thanks.  Upstreaming would consist of emailing the patch to
> zsh-workers at zsh.org and updating the metadata on this bug.  However,
> have you considered proposing the completion for inclusion in
> devscripts, alongside dscverify(1) and its bash completion?  devscripts
> would just need to drop the completion file to /usr/share/zsh/vendor-completions/
> when installing.

I have found that all the devscripts completion are coming from upstream
directly, as you can check by inspecting the source package. I do not
want to make an exception for dscverify completion to be shipped by
devscripts while all other devscripts completions are coming from upstream.

This has its pros and cons. I think pro is everyone based on dpkg gets
the completions even without devscripts installed (maybe Ubuntu and
such?) but con is that the completions can get outdated quickly as they
live outside of the devscripts source package. We can see this by the
currently open bugs on zsh-common about outdated devscripts completions.

A debate can be made, but I think it is outside of the scope of this
contribution. People from devscripts and upstream zsh should be involved
in the discussion.

> Make the variable local.
> s/de/the/
> s/Add/add/ (see Etc/completion-style-guide)
> Change «--keyring» to «*--keyring» if the option can be specified
> multiple times.
> According to the man page on stable, --no-conf "can only be used as the
> first option on the command line".  Perhaps only add this variable to
> $all_opts when «(( CURRENT == 2 ))»?  (Double-check me on this; I may be
> misremembering the zshcompwid(1) variables' semantics.)
> If upstreaming this, could you state in a comment the version of
> devscripts the completion was based on?  This is helpful when updating
> completion functions down the road.

All done, see attached v2 patch. You proposal for CURRENT == 2 worked
fine, when I pass another option then the --no-conf suggestion
disappears. Multiple keyring option seems possible, because according to
strace each --keyring <file> is performing a fstat(file).

Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day,


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