[Pkg-zsh-devel] Bug#953389: Bug#953389: Bug#953389: zsh-common: completion for dscverify is missing

Romain Porte debian at microjoe.org
Mon Mar 9 14:45:12 GMT 2020


09/03/2020 15:04, Daniel Shahaf :
> Thanks, v2 looks good.  Would you please post it to zsh-workers at zsh.org?
> I could just commit it upstream, but I'd like to have a second pair of eyes
> over it.
I will send the patch now and put you in CC for handling the final
details before merge.
>> +    '*:dsc file:_files -g "*.{changes,dsc}(-.)"'
> In this line —
> 1. You may need to change «{foo,bar}» to «(foo|bar)» to avoid NO_MATCH errors
> when foo exists but bar doesn't.  (Once you do this, you may then need to
> change «(-.)» to «(#q-.)».)
Tried this change locally, and the completion was not working anymore.
Back to the v2 version, when I "rm *.dsc" in a test directory so that
only *.changes files are present, I did not get any NO_MATCH error. The
completion just went fine on *.changes files. Maybe I am missing
something, but this modification is not included in attached v3 patch
(version I am sending to zsh-workers).
> 2. Add "buildinfo" alongside "changes" and "dsc".

Good catch, added in v3 patch.



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