[Pkg-zsh-devel] zsh-5.8-4 patch proposal for upstreamed dscverify(1) completion

Romain Porte microjoe at microjoe.org
Sat Mar 21 10:47:44 GMT 2020

Dear Debian Zsh Maintainers,

We have worked with Daniel to push a new missing completion for
dscverify(1) from Debian's devtools package. Now that the patch has made
its way upstream, I think it would be good to propose this completion
early before the next ZSH release, as we do not know when it will happen
and as this completion is useful for DD themselves.

All the required metadata is present in the DEP-3 headers of the patch,
so I will not repeat myself with links to BTS and upstream here.

I have successfully applied this patch on the ZSH source package, with a
-4 revision bump. As it is not common for non-maintainers to update a
source package, I will just drop the quilt patch here (but it is
possible for me to upload the whole zsh-5.8-4.dsc to mentors if

Please let me know if anything is missing.


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