[Pki-clean-room-devel] Introducing myself

Jacob Adams tookmund at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 01:05:33 UTC 2018

I would like to apply to work on this project during Google Summer of
Code 2018 if Debian ends up applying. So, I figured I would follow the
advice on the original Outreachy proposal and introduce myself here.

I've been maintaining a couple small packages in Debian for a while, but
haven't done anything code-wise for Debian yet. I haven't working in
python-newt before but I have some experience with GPG for package
maintenance and I used python all last semester in my data structures class.

I figure the best kind of introduction for these sorts of things is with
code so I've been hacking on PGP Clean Room over the past couple days:


I've disabled networking and made a couple other minor changes like
adding a gitignore. I also started on a python-newt interface but its
just a mock up for now; I still need to find a proper interface to GPG
from python. We have python3-gnupg but only the version in buster
supports gpg2.

The master branch is very much WIP but everything in the ready branch is
ready for merging. A diff of this branch against 003115fa is attached.



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