[Popcon-developers] Bug#632438: popcon wrongly claims to be anonymous

Helmut Grohne helmut at subdivi.de
Mon Oct 29 08:57:55 UTC 2012

I think the problem is worse than Paul Wise outlines. The package
description claims anonymity. This is only true if it cannot be
trivially defeated.

The common use case for equivs is to create a package based on the
hostname. Gladly popcon gives us numbers[1]. So about 8% of the
submitters are using equivs. (Some machines will use packages generated
using equivs without actually having installed equivs.) Let's assume
that half of them employ a metapackage based on the hostname. The
hostname is kind of public. It occurs in message-ids, bug reports, etc.
So using this scheme we can almost trivially deanonymize 4% of the

Another case is looking at packages whose versions are newer than sid or
experimental. Most likely the machine owner is the maintainer or an
uploader. This also works for mentors and for them probably even better,
because their packages tend to wait for a long time until being
uploaded. A quick grep on the maintainer field shows about 2000
different maintainer addresses. Let's guess every fourth maintainer is
using using pop-con and can be deanonymized using this technique.
Another 0.5%.

These numbers are low for the general but still alarming. The risk of
being deanonymized is way higher for maintainers or developers unless
they are aware of the problem an work around[2] it or simply remove

Please remove the false anonymity claim until this is fixed as it leads
users into wrong beliefs. I therefore suggest upgrading severity to

Imo the default for popcon should be only listing packages that
originate from Debian. Everything else is none of our business.

Unfortunately I cannot provide a solution or patch. For instance the
Origin field (in dpkg-query --showformat) does not help here. An option
might be to use aptitude search '~i ~ODebian' -F '%p'. (Thanks Paul!)
This would introduce a dependency on aptitude.


[1] http://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=equivs
[2] http://bonedaddy.net/pabs3/log/2012/10/29/thoughts-on-debian-testing/

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