[Python-apps-team] How to update Eric IDE to 5.5 and 6

cottet davy cottet_davy at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 1 02:52:59 UTC 2014


With another project (see previous mail about Leo-editor) I'm learning to package Python Apps for Debian.I've made a attempt to update Eric IDE which is still in 5.4 in debian repos.5.5 brings py2 support which is great for backport.
I tryed to simplify as much as possible previous debian.taz.xz. 
You can see changelog for more details.https://launchpad.net/~davy39/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages
I would like to keep working on this and especially on qt5 based development version (v.6).I'm waiting for the maintainer to reply to my private email.
Can you have a llok on my changes and me what you think about ?
Usually how do you folks coordonate your work ? How can I get access to SVN ?
Is it possible to work on development versions or only stable ones ?
Thanks for your help.

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