[Python-apps-team] Bug#754860: Remove trac-git from jessie

Jean-Michel Nirgal Vourgère jmv_deb at nirgal.com
Sun Dec 7 14:22:17 UTC 2014

Hello Martin

> Unless I am missing something, trac-git should really be removed
> from jessie now that trac 1.0 is in testing. trac-git has been
> integrated in main trac repository.

Bug 754860 appears as RC in the Team dashboard. You might have miss it
since you are only listed as an uploader.

Can you confirm trac-git is obsolete?

If confirmed, package should be removed from unstable too. You should
reassign to pseudo package ftp.debian.org, change the severity to normal
and retitle to:
RM: trac-git -- ROM; superseed by trac

Best regards,

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