[Python-apps-team] gnupg2/2.2.7-1 appears to break beets autopkgtest in unstable and testing

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat Jun 2 13:00:38 BST 2018


False alarm for gnupg2.

On 01-06-18 13:22, Paul Gevers wrote:
> The autopkgtest of beets started to fail in unstable and testing. See:
> https://ci.debian.net/packages/b/beets
> I tried to find the culpit, but unfortunately this wasn't really caught
> by the autopkgtest and britney framework. Version 1.4.6-2 failed once
> before the upload of 1.4.7-1 with the same error of the 1.4.7-1 failure.
> Looking at the logs, I have the suspicion that gnupg2 broke the
> testcase. Is gnupg2 used at all by beets and/or it's autopkgtest? If so,
> do you think that beets just needs updating or is gnupg2 doing something
> it shouldn't.

Version 1.4.6-2 failed┬╣ in testing with gnupg2 version 2.2.5-1
installed, so it isn't gnupg2 that introduced the regression.

I'll file a regular "broken autopkgtest" bug shortly.


┬╣ https://ci.debian.net/data/packages/testing/amd64/b/beets/399389.log

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