[Python-modules-team] The proper way to bring in a project currently under darcs?

Panu Kalliokoski atehwa at sange.fi
Wed Apr 26 14:16:14 UTC 2006

I'm not sure whether this is the proper list to send a question like
this, but since it's not Python-specific, but about how to use the
python-modules svn repository, I thought this mailing list would be
a better fit that debian-python at l.d.o.

I have this Python package, python-selecting, which I'm also the
upstream of and which I've been tracking is a Darcs repository.  The
instructions in
<http://python-modules.alioth.debian.org/python-modules-policy.html> say
that I should only bring in the debian/ files, preferably with
svn-inject, and leave the .orig.tar.gz outside svn.  There are some

- if I import the project with svn-inject, I'll lose the VC history from
  the darcs side for svn
- I need to have some place to track the "upstream" source anyway

What is the right way to approach this?  I can think of some

(1) Treat the package as if it really had a different upstream and
packager.  Take debian/ stuff away from my darcs repo, and put them into
the svn repo.
(1a) don't care about the history of debian/ stuff (this might be okay
as there's not that much of it after all)
(1b) bring the history in with tailor(1), and clean up the non-debian
stuff afterwards
(1c) some way to bring the history in without bringing the
non-debian-specific stuff at all?
(2) Keep the debian/ stuff in my repo and python-modules repo synced by
hand (say, make the directory a svn checkout that just happens to be
under darcs too)
(3) Put the whole project under the python-modules repository, probably
bringing in the VC history, and stop using the darcs repository

What would you recommend?


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