[Python-modules-team] Python2.3-mysqldb

Magnus Månsson magnusm at massive.se
Tue May 16 12:38:40 UTC 2006

Hello, I am running debian-amd64 on two HP servers and would like to run mysql-4.1 on them. All was fine until I realized that I didnt have python2.3-mysqldb installed.

It depends on libmysqlclient15off, which conflicts with libmysqlclient15. However, mysql-server-4.1 depends on mysql-client-4.1 which depends on libdbd-mysql-perl which depends on libmysqlclient15.

So, in the long run, python2.3-mysqldb conflicts with mysql-server-4.1. Is there any solution to this?

I would be very thankful for some help on this one.

Magnus Månsson
Systems administrator
Massive Entertainment AB
Malmö, Sweden
Office: +46-40-6001027
GSM: +46-70-3410379

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