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Fri May 26 00:20:00 UTC 2006

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Business investment in your Country


I am in search of a profitable Real Estate or medical investment business in your Country and i would be glad if you can assist me in any way possible.Alternatively, we can both go into a joint partnership investment business once we are both satisfied with agreements reached and after we get to know eachother better.

I would like to invest part of my family's finances,in your Country under your care and full management.Since i have never been opportuned to visit your Country before, i beleive Investing through  you as a citizen will make it a lot easier for us.If you are interested,please get back to me and i will introduce you to our fund managers and bankers.

We will provide the finances required for the investment.Our first choice of investment is medical business which i beleive never depriciates in value.Large scale poultry or Real Estate business will also be regarded as a good offer.The amount we have,can provide us with any sizeable business depending on how it is managed after you receive it.

I cannot send you more details until i hear from you and find out what type of investment is more lucrative and that will yield high returns.


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Thanks and Regards,

David Ellis.

Lloyds Chambers

Portsoken Street


Belfast,Nothern Ireland.

- david ellis

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