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a Python object database
 Divmod Axiom is an object database, or alternatively, an
 object-relational mapper, implemented on top of Python.
 Its primary goal is to provide an object-oriented layer with the key
 aspects of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), i.e. polymorphism and
 message dispatch, without hindering the power of an RDBMS (Relational
 DataBase Management System).
 Axiom is a live database, not only an SQL generation tool: it includes
 an implementation of a scheduler service, external file references,
 automatic upgraders, robust failure handling, and Twisted integration.
 Axiom is tightly integrated with Twisted, and can store, start, and
 stop Twisted services directly from the database using the included
 'axiomatic' command-line tool.
 Note: Axiom currently supports only SQLite and does NOT have any
 features for dealing with concurrency.
  Homepage: http://www.divmod.org/trac/wiki/DivmodAxiom
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Changes: python-axiom (0.5.0-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #414892)

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