[Python-modules-team] Bug#474001: current svn at least has a fix...

Soeren Sonnenburg bugreports at nn7.de
Wed Apr 2 15:48:15 UTC 2008

I've just had a look at matplotlib-svn and there one finds a fix:

            # Make the "Widths" array
            from encodings import cp1252
            # The "decoding_map" was changed to a "decoding_table" as of Python 2.5.
            if hasattr(cp1252, 'decoding_map'):
                def decode_char(charcode):
                    return cp1252.decoding_map[charcode] or 0
                def decode_char(charcode):
                    return ord(cp1252.decoding_table[charcode])

anyway annoying bug in the version we have in debian.

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