[Python-modules-team] Bug#463007: python-numpy: Problem with the numarray includes

Ondrej Certik ondrej at certik.cz
Wed Feb 6 11:56:46 UTC 2008

Hi Frederic,

On Jan 28, 2008 9:52 PM, picca frederic <picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr> wrote:
> Package: python-numpy
> Version: 1:1.0.4-5
> Severity: normal
> Hello
> In the numpy documentation the transition from numarray to numpy for the
> C extension is explained like this:
> #include "numarray/libnumarray.h" -> "numpy/libnumarray.h"
> but when I used distutils for my C-module the compilation hang with
> can not find "numpy/libnumarray.h"
> Indeed in /usr/include/python2.4/ there is no numpy directory.
> ( if you install numarray or Numeric, you can find thoses directory under
> /usr/include/python2.x )
> So I wonder why your package install an incomplet numpy directory(*), directly
> into /usr/incluse
> (it is a python module so headers must be installed by python-support,
>  and not by hand)
> Can you teach python-support how to install all headers in the right
> place.
> (*) you miss at least those headers
> /usr/share/python-support/python-numpy/numpy/numarray/numpy/*.h
> Thanks, and have a good day

Thanks for the bug report. Sorry for my late reply. I think you are
right, but we are currently quite busy, certainly I am. But the numpy
package is managed in the DPMT svn repo, so if you want to get it
fixed faster, please join the team, fix the package in the svn, and
ask someone to upload it.

Feel free to ask on the DPMT mailinglist if you have any questions.



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