[Python-modules-team] Bug#425153: python-matplotlib: Simple line plot with many points becomes scaled incorrectly

Brian Sipos brian.sipos at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 00:30:09 UTC 2008

Sorry about the lack of original examples, I was dealing with 10+ MiB EPS 
files and when I discovered the problem I switched to high-resolution PNG 
output. The problem only appeared when I was using the EPS renderer and all 
my original EPS files were deleted to free the disk space.

Unfortunately for my report, the matplotlib interface changed enough that the 
programs that were generating the original plots no longer run without 
alteration, and I have not updated (or even looked at) these programs in over 
a year.

I'm fine with the bug being closed now. If I ever encounter similar problems I 
know where to yell about it.

FYI: I am replying with a different email address as my RIT account is 
scheduled to be disabled very soon.

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