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allows grouping a list of arbitrary objects into related groups (clusters)
 python-cluster is a "simple" package that allows to create several groups
 (clusters) of objects from a list. It's meant to be flexible and able to
 cluster any object. To ensure this kind of flexibility, you need not only to
 supply the list of objects, but also a function that calculates the similarity
 between two of those objects. For simple datatypes, like integers, this can be
 as simple as a subtraction, but more complex calculations are possible. Right
 now, it is possible to generate the clusters using a hierarchical clustering
 and the popular K-Means algorithm. For the hierarchical algorithm there are
 different "linkage" (single, complete, average and uclus) methods available.
(new) python-cluster_1.1.1b3.orig.tar.gz optional python
Changes: python-cluster (1.1.1b3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #483458)

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