[Python-modules-team] Bug#560755: Potential patch to fix this bug

Jakub Wilk ubanus at users.sf.net
Sun Dec 13 16:22:47 UTC 2009

* Jakub Wilk <ubanus at users.sf.net>, 2009-12-12, 19:49:
>>I have a potential fix for this bug. My approach is based on the
>>premise that the make-temp-file function provided from Emacs 22
>>onwards is safe. So, I backport the method to the rst.el file, and
>>bind it to the symbol rst--make-temp-file as follows:
>Thank you very much for your patch!
>I think we could avoid backporting code, if we created a temporary 
>directory (and then a file with an arbitrary name and proper suffix 
>inside it) rather than a temporary file.
>>I don't see a solution for removing the temporary files, though.
>Is it possible to somehow store the name of temporary thing that has 
>been created? That way maybe we could re-use it on next invocation of 
>the preview function and delete it in some kind of exit hook.

I attach my patch proposition.

For a reason I don't understand, temporary directory is removed when
I kill a buffer (C-x k), but not when I kill Emacs (C-x C-c)... On the 
other hand, with this patch we are not cluttering /tmp any more than the 
original rst.el.

Jakub Wilk
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