[Python-modules-team] Bug#534800: "SyntaxError: keyword argument repeated" in repoze.who.plugins.openid/setup.py

Michael Bienia geser at ubuntu.com
Sat Jun 27 10:37:51 UTC 2009

Package: python-repoze.who-plugins
Version: 20090530-2
Severity: normal


I'm trying to sync turbogears2 from experimental to Ubuntu karmic and
I'm currently working myself through the stack and checking which
package else I need to get synced. While trying to build
python-repoze.who-plugins I got the following error:
|   File "setup.py", line 44
|     test_suite='repoze.who.plugins.openid.tests'
| SyntaxError: keyword argument repeated
| ERROR: setup.py in subdir repoze.who.plugins.openid failed
| make: *** [debian/python-module-stampdir/python-repoze.who-plugins] Error 1

A look in epoze.who.plugins.openid/setup.py shows that it contains two
"test_suite" lines. Leaving only the second one in place made the
package build successfully, but I'm not sure if it's the proper fix for


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