[Python-modules-team] Bug#557926: python-axiom: uses a deprecated relation operator

Jakub Wilk ubanus at users.sf.net
Wed Nov 25 10:53:58 UTC 2009

Package: python-axiom
Version: 0.5.31-2
Severity: normal

$ grep -w '<' debian/control
Conflicts: libsqlite3-0 (< 3.6.12)

$ zgrep -A3 -B2 'deprecated.*<' /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/policy.txt.gz | cut -c 6-
The relations allowed are `<<', `<=', `=', `>=' and `>>' for strictly
earlier, earlier or equal, exactly equal, later or equal and strictly
later, respectively.  The deprecated forms `<' and `>' were used to
mean earlier/later or equal, rather than strictly earlier/later, so
they should not appear in new packages (though `dpkg' still supports

Jakub Wilk

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