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Sat Jul 3 11:09:00 UTC 2010


* use dh_python2 in debian/rules with the correct --depends,
  --recommends, --sugge sts switch as explained in, using the pydist file shipped in
* keep using the same helper as of today but add a call to
  dh_numpy, a new helper script that generates stricter versioned
  depends on python-numpy, appending them to python:Depends

as a side note: python-support will be able to use pydist
files (and so --depends/--recommends/--suggests) in the coming
future, but it's not there yet.

The bug is marked as Release Critical since we have to ensure
that all the package strictly requiring a given numpy version to
be installed use any of those solutions.

If you need any kind of help in the resolution of this bug, do
not hesitate to contact me directly (you might also want to hear
debian-python at and I'll provide all the help I

Thanks for your attention,

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