[Python-modules-team] Package Trac 0.12 as well

Al Nikolov clown at debian.org
Mon Mar 29 13:29:22 UTC 2010

On Monday 29 March 2010 17:06:13 Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
> Maybe I can upload it to experimental for now, so you can upload trac to
> experimental as  well. In case genshi  0.6 has not  been released before
> the freeze,  then I could upload  it to unstable anyway  if there hasn't
> been any complain  from users with the package  in experimental. What do
> you think?

I think it's worth.

I've already done a 'dirty' packaging attempt for both trac&genshi but i 
really can't provide with any testing machines. And i suppose it's impossible 
to install any packages to Debian machines with schroot without asking admins 
to install from repositories (fix me).

If you agree i will put my Trac 0.12 package to Alioth.

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