[Python-modules-team] preparing upload of python-tornado 2.1 -- advise on bup and gunicorn

Yaroslav Halchenko yoh at debian.org
Thu Sep 22 13:33:04 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

I am thinking about uploading a new python-tornado (2.1)... are you
aware of any incompatibilities in bup and/or gunicorn with those recent
2.x versions?  There were some backward incompatibilities since 1.2.1:


I have tentative .deb's for testing, just didn't want to attach 200KB
without your Ok ;)


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retitle 636602 please package new upstream version tornado 2.1

upstream came out with a new release -- it would be great to get it into
Debian since upcoming ipython would depend on it

unless there is any objection I am going to update the package and
team upload it within upcoming days

Best regards,
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