[Python-modules-team] python-xlrd update; and: make python-modules git repos public?

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Tue Dec 4 21:28:20 UTC 2012

Hi folks--

I'm a new member of the python-modules team (thanks Piotr) coming over
here from the python-apps team.  I just ran into a need for an updated
python-xlrd, and i've updated the packaging for it.

However, i work and collaborate more comfortably in git these days than
svn, so if possible, i'd like to publish my work using git.  I used
git-svn to import the old packaging, and have made my changes available
in the current python-modules git packaging repo:


some changes: 

 * the package now uses dh_python2
 * i'm including the upstream sources in the git repo
 * the package is format 3.0 (quilt)

I'm planning to go ahead and do an upload to experimental with python-xlrd
0.8.0 if folks are ok with that.  Please let me know if you'd rather i
don't do this.

If people are OK with it, i'm inclined to make a new revision in the svn
trunk that just leaves a README.txt that directs users to the git repo.

This brings me to the current permissions on the python-modules git
repos on git.debian.org.  because /git/python-modules is not
world-readable, the repos aren't published via gitweb or git-daemon.

0 dkg at pip:~$ ssh git.debian.org ls -ld /git/python-modules
drwxrws---+ 5 root scm_python-modules 4096 Dec 30  2011 /git/python-modules
0 dkg at pip:~$ 

I'm proposing to "chmod o+rx /git/python/modules" to provide more
visibility to the git repositories shared by the python-modules team.
Any thoughts about this change?


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