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Sascha Schaal schaal at global-village.de
Thu Sep 20 11:59:59 UTC 2012

Dear python modules team,

my name is Sascha Schaal. I have a question regarding the pywbem module. 
I have written a modification of /usr/share/pyshared/pywbem/cim_http.py 
which enables pywbem to process IPv6 addresses and URL's. The Problem 
was the parser in cim_http.py which seperated address and port only by 
":" and the handover to AF_INET.

Here´s a diff of my modification:

< s = string.split(host, ":") # Set port number
< if len(s) != 1:
< host = s[0]
< port = int(s[1])
 > if re.search("(\\[.*?\\])", url): # trigger if URL is IPv6
 > s = string.split(host, "]:") # split string at "]:" also erases ]:
 > s[0] = re.sub("\\[", "", s[0]) # erase [
 > if len(s) != 1:
 > host = s[0]
 > port = int(s[1])
 > if 
url): # trigger if URL is IPv4 or FQDN
 > s = string.split(host, ":") # split string at ":"
 > if len(s) != 1:
 > host = s[0]
 > port = int(s[1])
< s = SSL.Connection(ctx, socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,
 > s = SSL.Connection(ctx, socket.socket(socket.AF_INET6,

I would like to patch all Server's in our environment with this 
modification but my supervisor thinks it is not "update safe". I did a 
bit of research on the pywbem module; since December 2009 there were no 
recent changes on Debians pywbem package.

Will there be any future changes to pywbem ?

Feel free to add my modification to your package or enhance it further. 
The modification enabled me to get the status of Dell servers and VMware 
Esxi Servers and monitor it with Nagios over IPv6 which was not 
supported before. It enables anyone to do wbem operations over IPv6. I 
think this is an major advantage in the future.

I am requesting you to add this to your pywbem package or inform me if a 
future update will possibly drop my changes on cim_http.py.

I am looking forward to hear from you !

Kind regards,

Sascha Schaal

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