[Python-modules-team] Bug#704678: Local argparse is the issue.

Mathew Topper damm_horse at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 4 14:02:40 UTC 2013

I've found the problem. Sorry to cause a fuss!

A package that I have created provides a copy of argparse that doesn't have a __version__ attribute. Should Ipython be able to work around this or do I need to change something in my installation scripts, do you think? This is my setup.py:

import sys
import imp
from setuptools import setup

# Default list of provided packages.
packlist = [ 'morebasemap', 'morebasemap.scripts','decimaldegrees', 'pyasc',
            'appdirs' ]

# Try for argparse and if it's not there provide as package
    imp.find_module('argparse', sys.path[1:])
except ImportError:

setup( name='morebasemap',
       include_package_data = True,
       requires=[ 'matplotlib',
                  'netCDF4' ],
       package_dir={ 'morebasemap': 'morebasemap',
                     'morebasemap.scripts': 'scripts'},
       package_data={'morebasemap': ['json/*.json']},
       entry_points = { 'console_scripts':
                            ['bathy2xyz = morebasemap.scripts.bathy2xyz:main'] }
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