[Python-modules-team] musicbrainzngs package in debian (re: bug #698202)

Alastair Porter alastair at porter.net.nz
Wed Apr 17 11:56:27 UTC 2013

Thanks for the email. I'm taking a look at these build things this week and
will hopefully get a new release out soon.
I have one question about adding documentation to the package. Is it easier
for you as a packager to have documentation sources, or the compiled html,
or does it not matter? I'm not too sure what the best practises are around


On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 3:22 PM, Simon Chopin <chopin.simon at gmail.com>wrote:

> Le 12/03/2013 15:28, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
>  Hi Alistair,
>> Quoting Alastair Porter (2013-03-12 15:46:30)
>>> I'm the developer of the python-musicbrainzngs library. I see you
>>> recently closed a bug on the package
>>> (]http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-**bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=698202<http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=698202>).
>>> I'm not
>>> sure if you did this as the package maintainer or just to close the
>>> issue.
>>> I've just released a new version, which includes this fix, so the new
>>> version could be packaged. Are you the right person to ask to make
>>> this happen? If I should email another list, then please let me know.
>> How cool that you take the time to chase down and inform up distributors
>> about your new release!
>> I am not the maintainer of python-musicbrainzngs, but here are some
>> pointers:
>> The simplest way to get in touch with python-musicbrainzngs maintainers
>> is by emailing python-musicbrainzngs@**packages.debian.org<python-musicbrainzngs at packages.debian.org>.
>> The ideal way to request newer "upstream" (that's what we call you)
>> release to be packaged is to file a bugreport about it of severity
>> "wishlist": http://www.debian.org/Bugs/**Reporting<http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting>
>> The lazy way is to just sit back and wait for the package maintainers to
>> get around to doing it - after perhaps verifying that our automated
>> tracking indeed have noticed your newer release:
>> http://packages.qa.debian.org/**m/musicbrainzngs.html<http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/musicbrainzngs.html>
>> That QA web page above might be of interest to you in other ways too: At
>> the bottom left corner you can subscribe to changes to the package.
>> That way you receive notice on bugreports, package releases etc.
> Hi Alastair, Jonas,
> Sorry for the huge delay, I've just noticed this email while cleaning up
> my mailbox.
> The new upstream release (0.3 IIRC) is packaged and ready to go in the
> Debian Python
> Modules Team SVN repository. However, as I believe I mentioned on IRC a
> few days ago,
> there are some files missing from the tarball which makes the build fail
> (the first symptom
> is some test data missing, but I wouldn't bet it is the only failure).
> Alastair, would it be possible
> to release a new tarball to PyPI, something like 0.3.1 ?
> Jonas, you've made me realize I forgot to acknowledge your NMU in the
> changelog, I'll fix that ASAP :-)
> Cheers, and sorry again for the tardiness.
> Simon
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