[Python-modules-team] updated makehuman

Marcus Watts mdw at umich.edu
Sat Feb 16 00:42:11 UTC 2013

I've been experimenting with bleeding edge versions of makehuman.

I don't think this is ready for debian yet (except maybe "experimental"),
but I thought you'd appreciate knowing this was happening, and that
it's possible what I was working on could eventually be of use to you
and others.

My impetus was experimenting with blender 2.65.  It won't accept
imports made with a slightly older version of makehuman I built, let
alone 1.0.0alpha6.

This is the "pure python" version of makehuman.  It uses pyopengl, and
benefits from also having pyopengl accelerate.  I've already told the
python modules team about the latter.

What I have,




(pyopengl-accelerate is also there.)

Please use freely as you wish.

This version produces exports that can be imported from blender, but only
if certain options are not turned on.  I haven't done a lot of further
experimentation yet.  I expect to be pulling additional svn updates down
in the hopes that it will start bleeding less.

If there's anything I can improve about the packaging process, please
do let me know.

			-Marcus Watts

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