[Python-modules-team] Backporting of python-zmq

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 8 13:11:11 UTC 2013

On 04.09.2013 17:37, Joe Healy wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> I've backported python-zmq to squeeze and wheezy. There was some minor
> work required for squeeze, but wheezy was trivial.

As I understand the point is to have zmq3 based pyzmq in wheezy and squeeze.
Don't you need to add a versioned build depend on the zmq3 backport for
Or are backports automatically built against other backports?

> For squeeze, I have unfortunately removed support for python 2.5 and
> 3.1 due to use of the construct described at [1]. It could be patched
> in, but I feel the work is more than would useful. If you disagree, I
> would really appreciate a proposal for a good way to deal with this.

Thats fine with me, I doubt anyone seriously uses python2.5 anymore and
3.1 is rather useless too.

> Could you please upload these once you have had a chance to look at
> them?

The patches look fine, but I'm not in the backports keyring either so I
can't upload (yet).
If you have a sponsor for salt, maybe he/she also can upload this for you.
If not I should probably get myself in the keyring anyway.
Thanks for passing the patches by me.

Julian Taylor

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