[Python-modules-team] matplotlib (hopefully) fixed in svn

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 7 22:33:36 UTC 2014

hi Sandro,
I think I have fixed matplotlib in svn by applying the ubuntu patches.
It solves the ~9 rc bugs and a few other ones.
Unfortunately it can currently not be tested as python-tk is broken but
that should be fixed soon.
The package adds adt-tests which verify basic functionality, note the
wxagg-dbg test seems broken, regular wxagg test success so I we can live
with that for now.

Can you please upload the fix soon?

I did have some problems with deadlocks when building in a chroot but
not on the host.
I suspect it may be related to run/shm and the use of multiprocessing.
If you have the same issues please also apply attached patch.

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