[Python-modules-team] Bug#747270: python-amqp unusable

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Jul 22 15:31:42 UTC 2014

Hi Brian,

You wrote:

> I believe this bug makes python-amqp unusable, and as a result, Grave
> is justified.
> "grave: makes the package in question unusable or mostly so, or
> causes data loss, or introduces a security hole allowing access to
> the accounts of users who use the package"

though you didn't give any justification on why python-amqp is
"unusable". As much as I understand, there's a single use case (ie: with
celery) where there's a serious problem. Knowing that OpenStack makes
extensive use of python-amqp, and that Ubuntu is also using the same
version, I seriously doubt that it is unusable as you wrote. Also,
python-amqp doesn't depend on python-librabbitmq. However, python-kombu
does. So why are you even talking about python-amqp?

Please give more details if you believe that python-librabbitmq is
completely unusable.

Also, at:

upstream for rabbitmq is explaining that you're not giving enough
information, and that the issue should be reported to the upstream of
python-librabbitmq. Where is such bug report?

All of the above are to me, signs that "severity grave" isn't correct.
I'm therefore downgrading it to "important". Please don't switch it back
to grave unless you justify it accordingly.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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