[Python-modules-team] Bug#756331: RFS: aafigure/0.5-4 [ITA]

Daniel Lintott daniel at serverb.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 21:52:35 UTC 2014


I'm not a DD so cannot sponsor your package. I haven't tried to build
the package, but a couple of comments.

On 28/07/14 21:49, Breno Leitao wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "aafigure". This is a package that I
> want to adopt (under ITA) but I am not a DD, so, I would need a sponsor to
> upload this package.
> * Package name    : aafigure
>   Version         : 0.5-5
>   Upstream Author : orphaned

Upstream Author seems to be either aafigure-team or Chris Liechti

> * URL             : https://launchpad.net/aafigure
> * License         : specific license at LICENSE.txt

That would be a BSD-3-Clause license

>   Section         : python
> It builds those binary packages:
>    python-aafigure - ASCII art to image converter
> To access further information about this package, please visit the following URL:
> http://mentors.debian.net/package/aafigure
> Alternatively, one can download the package with dget using this command:
>   dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/a/aafigure/aafigure_0.5-5.dsc
> More information about hello can be obtained from http://www.example.com.
> Changes since the last upload:
> 	aafigure (0.5-5) unstable; urgency=low
> 	  * Set myself as maintainer (closes: #719549).
> 	  * Bump Standards-Version from 3.9.4 to 3.9.5
> 	  * Transition to dh_python2
> 	 -- Breno Leitao <brenohl at br.ibm.com>  Mon, 28 Jul 2014 19:27:41 +0000

It seems there is some previous involvement with the Debian Python
Modules team, where the packaging exists in SVN. It would probably be a
good idea to liaise with them (I'm not a member myself, so don't how the
team works). I have added them to the CC.

The the mentors page there is one lintian info warning, which is trivial
to fix.

- vcs-field-not-canonical



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