[Python-modules-team] Bug#767554: python-persistent and python-zodb: error when trying to install together

Barry Warsaw barry at debian.org
Wed Nov 12 21:12:52 UTC 2014

On Nov 12, 2014, at 05:50 PM, Arnaud Fontaine wrote:

>From upstream point  of view, ZODB3 (aka python-zodb in  Debian) used to
>include persistent, BTrees,  ZODB and ZEO modules.  However, since ZODB3
>3.11.0a1, upstream  has split it  up into  4 distinct packages  (one for
>each module),  bump the version  to 4.0  and made ZODB3  a "metapackage"
>depending on all of them.

It looks like Debian still has zodb 3.9.7, right?

>As of  fixing this RC  bug for Jessie:  Among the four,  only persistent
>package is currently available in Debian, so  there is no way to get rid
>of  ZODB3 (at  least for  Jessie). Barry:  If persistent  >= 4.0  Debian
>package is useful on  its own to anyone (and thus  should not be removed
>From testing),  then can I  add a Conflict  on both packages  and upload
>them to fix this bug?

IIRC, I needed to update python-persistent for the Python 3 zope.component
transition, as it's a build-dep.  There are no other reverse dependencies that
I know of.

I think a Conflicts is the right way to handle this for now, given where we
are in the Jessie release cycle.  Arnaud, thanks for handling this!
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