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Barry Warsaw barry at debian.org
Mon Nov 17 23:32:42 UTC 2014

On Nov 18, 2014, at 09:39 AM, Brian May wrote:

>For another solution, have a look at django-admin, provided by the
>django-common package. You can call it using any of the following ways:
>brian at aquitard:~$ django-admin    # run as sh; autodetect python

Yep, that autodetect is clever.  Such a thing does often come up.

>brian at aquitard:~$ python2 /usr/bin/django-admin    # force python 2
>brian at aquitard:~$ python3 /usr/bin/django-admin    # force python 3

If a script is shebanged with one Python version or another, this is always
possible.  I use it in fact to run /usr/bin/python-coverage with a
virtualenv'd python.

>That way it works if only python-django is installed and it also works if
>only python3-django is installed.
>The ability to force a particular version of python may not be so useful
>for virtualenv however.

I don't think it is, since you can still create virtualenvs of whatever Python
you want with the -p option, regardless of what the virtualenv script is

The problem here is how to specify the package dependencies such that someone
who only has python-virtualenv installed in Wheezy, would automatically get
virtualenv in Jessie, for the /usr/bin script.
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