[Python-modules-team] Professional Service for Hac King Email.

antonescu.service at gmx.com antonescu.service at gmx.com
Sat Oct 18 21:47:20 UTC 2014

Attention !!! Before writing to me and place an order, please carefully
read the topic:

Advantage of our service :

1) Anony mous guaranty
2) Provide evidence screen box
3) Delivery time 1 to 6 days
4) The owner does not know that the email is hacked
5) Without changing password
6) Accept wholesale orders

How to order :

1) After reply all your questions made an order
2) Received the confirmation of you order
3) Make the first payment of 50%
4) Once your order is ready I will inform you
5) Get the evidence of target screen box
6) Process to the second 50% payment
7) Get the password

Price :

1) Yahoo, Gmail 250usd
2) Facebook,Hotmail 350usd
3) Corporate email : contact me

Methods of payment :

1) Bitcoin
2) MoneyGram
3) Western Union

Contact me for infos and details :
Email : antonescu.service at gmx.com

Thank you for your attention.

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