[Python-modules-team] Bug#766261: VirtualEnv ceased to work after newer dependency was installed. [was: ImportError: cannot import name IncompleteRead]

Nicolas CANIART nicolas at caniart.net
Wed Oct 22 23:00:41 UTC 2014

This bug is caused by the newer version of python-requests which does
no longer export the IncompleteRead version from its compat submodule.

Downgrading python-request-whl and python-request to version 2.3
(currently in testing) should work around the problem note that I had
to remove
and reinstall the whole shindig for it to work; a simple downgrade did
not work (some pyc hanging around ?). Looks like pip should use the
wheel package and one could upgrade the other packages, but I did not
try to re-upgrade the classical packages, so be careful.

Posted a bug against python-requests.


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