[Python-modules-team] Bug#744145: [python-pip] The problem comes from de-vendorize.patch

Daniele Tricoli eriol at mornie.org
Thu Oct 23 09:21:18 UTC 2014

Hello Yannick,
requests' maintainer here.

On Tuesday 21 October 2014 22:14:49 Yannick Roehlly wrote:
> A quick fix would be to use "from httplib import IncompleteRead" in the 
> de-vendorize.patch (even if the IncompleteRead will not be raised by
> requests  any more).

I fixed this inside requests (both for Python 2 and Python 3). 


for details

> Note that there may be other problems with pip using the upgraded requests.

I did not run tests, but I tried pip{,3} both inside virtualenvs and passing 
--user option: it works in both cases.

Please try requests 2.4.3-2. Thanks!

Kind regards,

 Daniele Tricoli 'Eriol'

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