[Python-modules-team] Bug#749321: Bug#749321: reverse dependency of python-pypdf and ITP of python-pypdf2

Vincent Cheng vcheng at debian.org
Sun Sep 21 09:27:30 UTC 2014

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 9:09 AM, Elena ``of Valhalla''
<valhalla at trueelena.org> wrote:
> I've noticed that the current python-pypdf package has migrated to
> PyPDF2 (thus breaking all of its reverse dependencies in sid):
> should the updated/converted rev-dep depend on python-pypdf >= 1.23-1
> or python-pypdf2?
> How is this going to be managed?

Assuming that pypdf and pypdf2 have compatible APIs, another option
would be to simply patch pdfshuffler with something like:

    import pypdf
except ImportError:
    import pypdf2

...which would avoid having the need for restricting the dependency on
python-pypdf to specific versions.

Adding pypdf2 maintainer to cc list...how compatible is the pypdf2
fork with the original pypdf, and how much work would migrating
applications that depend on the older pypdf to the forked version?


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