[Python-modules-team] Bug#788561: Bug RC #788561 (python3-memcache not Python 3 compatible)

Hugo Lefeuvre hugo6390 at fr33tux.org
Sun Jul 5 23:18:39 UTC 2015

Hi Thomas,

> This has already been done in Sid, and therefore, it is my opinion that
> we should have one of the below action:
> 1/ Remove support for Py3 in Jessie, and ask the release team to approve
> that. I do believe that they will accept this.
> 2/ Ask for the release team to accept an update to the package version
> which is in Sid. It's very unlikely that they accept.
> If you want to work on one of these, it'd be great. But dealing with the
> release team for doing this type of fix in stable is famously difficult
> because:
> 1/ They are very busy
> 2/ They don't accept often big changes in already existing package, and
> you need to convince them.
> Both are very valid reasons and I don't blame the release team for that.

I'd be glad to try to help you to fix this bug.

I agree with the fact that it will be quite difficult to update Jessie
with the version currently in Sid. A lot of changes have been made 
between 1.53 and 1.54; it will be really hard to prove that this new 
version won't introduce new bugs. 

So, the first solution seems to be much easier. Moreover, according to 
memcache's popcon[0], python3-memcache isn't downloaded a lot. So, it 
won't be prolematic to remove this package in Jessie, at least for the 

Naturally, I think it's sad to lose memcache's Python 3 support on Jessie, 
but we must fix this bug, and the first solution seems to be the only 
realistic solution.

Maybe that we could try to ask the release team for the second solution,
and, if they do not accept, ask them for the first solution ?

> BTW, the Debian BTS should be updated so that it shows the version in
> Sid isn't affected, otherwise indeed, we risk memcached to be removed
> from testing for a wrong reason. Can you do such update, with "fixed"
> and "found" commands to the BTS?

#788561 is now marked as fixed in 1.54+20150423+git+48e882719c-2. Is it
enough ?


[0] https://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=python-memcache

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