[Python-modules-team] Bug#781640: Downgrading bug severity

Salvatore Bonaccorso carnil at debian.org
Tue Jul 7 12:07:31 UTC 2015

Hi Daniele,

On Tue, Jul 07, 2015 at 02:01:59PM +0200, Daniele Tricoli wrote:
> Hello Salvatore,
> On Monday 06 July 2015 20:49:24 Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> > Increasing again the severity, since we have it fixed in
> > jessie-security but not yet included as well for stretch.
> Thanks and sorry for the delay and the missed deadline, but I had some 
> important stuff to take care of.
> I'm working on this right now. The package is quite ready (it build fine) but
> since upstream maintainer changed I have to look again at all the code to 
> check if the updated copyright is right.
> Thanks for your patience, I will send an ack later.

Thanks for this status update. (really appreciated!)


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