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Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Thu Mar 12 01:18:03 UTC 2015

> On Mar 11, 2015, at 8:59 PM, Chris Kuehl <ckuehl at ocf.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Hi again,
> On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 04:41:36PM -0500, Barry Warsaw wrote:
>> I have committed a fix for this to python-pip's svn and sent a message with
>> the relevant details to debian-python at .  The bug and its fix are pretty
>> simple.  Instead of only putting the .whl files early on sys.path when inside
>> a venv, we should be doing that in all cases.  The only inside/outside
>> difference is the location of the wheel files.
> Awesome, thanks so much for getting this fix into jessie; it's been very
> helpful for us.
> I'm sure you're aware of this, but just adding a little info in case
> someone stumbles across this bug and wonders why it isn't working for
> them: wheel files aren't normally installed, so the fix will only work
> if you've installed the -whl packages needed. In our case, installing
> python-requests-whl fixed the problem (but maybe as time goes on, more
> could become necessary if modules' APIs change in newer versions).
> Happy Wednesday,
> Chris

Maybe python-pip should depend on python-*-whl? (I’m not sure if that’s
actually possible given the “special” situation python-pip and python-*-whl
is in).

Donald Stufft
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