[Python-modules-team] Latest upgrade of Numpy breaks tests of other packages (Was: Bug#848758: python-skbio: FTBFS: Test failures)

Sandro Tosi morph at debian.org
Tue Dec 20 14:01:31 UTC 2016

> it seems the recent upgrade of numpy has broken some tests in other
> packages like for instance this one in python-skbio.  I wonder whether
> you are either able to suggest patches to get the tests working with the
> new interface of numpy again or whether it might be sensible to revert
> the upgrade of python-numpy to the previous version considering that we
> are quite close to the freeze.

There is still a month to the freeze for the existing package, so
let's not panic already. I'd suggest contacting the upstream of the
projects with failing test and ask for support

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