[Python-modules-team] Bug#836248: Re-open

Neil Williams codehelp at debian.org
Thu Nov 3 18:37:23 UTC 2016

reopen 836248
found 836248 1.4.8-1

I came across this because I now get warnings:
dpkg-gencontrol: warning: package lava-server-doc: unused substitution variable ${sphinxdoc:Built-Using}

I worked out I could use this line in debian/control:

Built-Using: python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme, ${sphinxdoc:Built-Using}

That results in a package containing:

 Built-Using: python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme, sphinx (= 1.4.8-1)

The problem with that is:
$ apt-cache show sphinx
N: Unable to locate package sphinx
E: No packages found

So dh_sphinxdoc should be putting in python-sphinx (= 1.4.8-1)

Also, wasn't the original intention from the bug report that I'd be
able to use it as:

 Built-Using: python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme (= ${sphinxdoc:Built-Using})

to generate output in the package of:

 Built-Using: python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme (= 0.4.8-1)

or, possibly with another substvar:

 Built-Using: python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme (= 0.4.8-1), python-sphinx (= 1.4.8-1)


It's the theme which adds the CSS. Having Built-Using for sphinx is
fine but the version of the theme is unrelated to the version of sphinx.

Finally, can we have some documentation of how to use
${sphinxdoc:Built-Using} in man dh_sphinxdoc please?


Neil Williams

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