[Python-modules-team] python-flake8 (3.0.4+dfsg1-4)

Ondrej Novy novy at ondrej.org
Tue Nov 22 20:44:05 UTC 2016


2016-11-22 18:42 GMT+01:00 Al Nikolov <clown at debian.org>:

> I've uploaded python-flake8_3.0.4+dfsg1-4~bpo8+1 into NEW. It's an

thanks for this backport. But i would prefer you to ask first before
uploading this to jessie-bpo.

> almost plain build except that dependency on python-mock needed to be
> bumped up (with Jessie version, the tests were failing). Since I've also
> uploaded python-mock_2.0.0-3~bpo8+1, I referred to it as a minimum.
> Consider to do the same, please.

yep, i would like to fix it. But i want:
1. know exact lowest version which is working
2. create bugreport/merge request upstream for setup.py
3. fix d/control in sid


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 Ondřej Nový

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