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Hello friend, 

I've  been looking for some stuff  on  the web  and suddenly came across  that! You  should see that,  I swear you'll love it! More  info here  http://bit.do/dEWJ5

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Bungie should  have made the new level  cap  31, and  made vendor gear get  you to  just under 30  (28 light... so a new exotic  armor piece  and  3 vendor items would put you  at 30).

This  would have made level progression more  smooth and would have kept the vault relevant. Vendor to  29, wait  for  xur to give you a new armor piece, max it out or run  the vault for  quicker level 30, and Crota's end for 31.

I  also think that they should have added in an iron banner specific currency  to replace ascendant materials in iron banner gear (1 item for  weapons and armor). The upgrade mat would be common  enough in  IB that you would be able to max out 1 or 2 armors if you  really busted your ass. IB  armor felt  too much like a handout

This is also  from the  perspective of someone who has 1 of  each character who were at 30 before CE came out,  so  I had 3 times the chance at mats... still  needed different armor for each character though.

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