[Python-modules-team] Bug#891753: Will be fixed in Django 1.11.17

Gaudenz Steinlin gaudenz at debian.org
Sun Dec 2 11:55:26 GMT 2018

I looked into this issue at the BSP in Bern and it runs out that 
currently only the testsuite for Python 3.7 on Django 1.11.16 
fails. All other Python versions as well as Django 2.1.x in 
experimental are fine.

The next upstream minor release in the 1.11.x series will add 
Python 3.7 compatibility. I looked at the changes that are so far 
in the upstream repository and it looks like the following two 
commits are needed:

b9e248975f3190fee245b30313c2744bf836bb1c [1.11.x] Refs #28814 -- 
Fixed test_runner failure on Python 3.7.
8deb0a8efd948855310c45064b109090596510e4 [1.11.x] Refs #28814 -- 
Fixed migrations crash with namespace packages on Python 3.7.

So we can either cherry-pick these two into debian/patches or wait 
for the 1.11.17 release.

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