[Python-modules-team] Bug#916225: python3-docutils doesn't install on Sid armel/armhf/mips/mipsel

vicamo at gmail.com vicamo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 05:56:15 GMT 2018

It's dash. dash source src/expand.c, function expmeta calls to
readdir(), which may throw EOVERFLOW when some field size doesn't fit,
and add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to configure.ac fixes this problem.

=== BEGIN dash TRACE ===
Tracing started.
waitforjob(%0) called
pid 15608, evaltree(0xfffef918: 0, 1) called
evalcommand(0xfffef918, 1) called
expandmeta(0xfffef948, 3) called
expandmeta(0xfffef968, 3) called
expandmeta str: /usr/share/vim/*
expmeta(/usr/share/vim/*, 16, 0) called
expmeta metaflag 1
expmeta opendir(/usr/share/vim/)
expmeta begin loop
expmeta break loop: readdir error, errno 75
expmeta end loop
evalcommand arg: ls
evalcommand arg: /usr/share/vim/*
searchexec "ls" returns "/usr/bin/ls"
=== END dash TRACE ===

You-Sheng Yang

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