[Python-modules-team] Bug#917717: pylint-django: FTBFS: dh_auto_test: pybuild --test --test-pytest -i python{version} -p 3.7 returned exit code 13

Joseph Herlant aerostitch at debian.org
Wed Jan 2 00:23:26 GMT 2019

Control: tags -1 - fixed
Control: tags -1 + patch
Hi guys,

Thanks Lucas for the report. Sorry for the late reply, I was out of
the country with very limited internet access.

Thanks Emmanuel for the quick patch.
Notes for next time:
 * Please use meaningful commit messages, especially when committing
to the master branch of a package you don't maintain. Using commit
messages like "fix issue 917717" makes the commit history harder to
read and the use of tools like gbp dch impossible as well as rendering
the gitlab hooks in place for tagging the bugs as pending unusable.
(If you're not sure about your patches, please just create a MR and
the maintainer can help getting the patch to a better standard)
 * Please conform to the DEP-3 headers when you are writing a quilt
patch header. See https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep3/
 * If you have a patch that you thing is good enough for Debian, it's
generally a good practice to propose it upstream as upstream is
generally aware of the potential negative impacts and this would avoid
having to maintain diverging patch hell, especially on packages you
don't maintain.
 * Please don't tag bugs as "fixed" as long as there's no NMU uploaded
(as long as the package is not in the archive). In your case the tag
"patch" seems more appropriate.

There is an upstream upgrade I need to do so I'll clean the previous
points and do the upload today or tomorrow.


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