[Python-modules-team] Bug#917418: nbsphinx no more support Python 2

Thorsten Glaser tg at debian.org
Thu Jan 3 03:20:43 GMT 2019

Hi Jerome,

>The issue was resolved in package 0.4.1+ds-2.

you “resolved” it by no longer building the binary package.

However, there are packages still (build-)depending on it,
which you might wish to inform: see #918079 for an example,

You might also with to file an RM (RoM) bug with ftpmasters
so that they remove the stray binary package from the archive;
the current situation has it still available, making quinn-diff
believe that its r-build-depends are installable, whereas the
package fails to configure. This is bad.

If not all users can switch to python3-nbsphinx in time for
the release, it might make sense to package python-nbsphinx
0.3.x separately, like it was done with src:matplotlib2, for
the packages still depending on the Python 2 version. (It is
intended, after all, that Python 2 support will be kept until
some time after buster, but before bullseye, after all.)

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