[Python-modules-team] Bug#918913: nbconvert breaks nbsphinx autopkgtest

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Jan 10 14:39:28 GMT 2019

Source: nbconvert, nbsphinx
Control: found -1 nbconvert/5.4-1
Control: found -1 nbsphinx/0.4.1+ds-3
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci at lists.debian.org
User: debian-ci at lists.debian.org
Usertags: breaks needs-update

Dear maintainers,

With a recent upload of nbconvert the autopkgtest of nbsphinx fails in
testing when that autopkgtest is run with the binary packages of
nbconvert from unstable. It passes when run with only packages from
testing. In tabular form:
                       pass            fail
nbconvert              from testing    5.4-1
nbsphinx               from testing    0.4.1+ds-3
all others             from testing    from testing

I copied some of the output at the bottom of this report.

Currently this regression is contributing to the delay of the migration
of nbconvert to testing [1]. Due to the nature of this issue, I filed
this bug report against both packages. Can you please investigate the
situation and reassign the bug to the right package? If needed, please
change the bug's severity.

More information about this bug and the reason for filing it can be found on


[1] https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=nbconvert


autopkgtest [04:53:31]: test perform-doc: [-----------------------
Running Sphinx v1.7.9
making output directory...
loading pickled environment... not yet created
building [mo]: targets for 0 po files that are out of date
building [html]: targets for 20 source files that are out of date
updating environment: 20 added, 0 changed, 0 removed
reading sources... [  5%] a-normal-rst-file
reading sources... [ 10%] allow-errors
WARNING: could not open bibtex file

Notebook error:
AttributeError in allow-errors.ipynb:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'argv'
autopkgtest [04:53:32]: test perform-doc: -----------------------]

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