[Python-modules-team] Bug#918751: Investigation results

Stewart Ferguson stew at ferg.aero
Sat Jan 12 20:12:40 GMT 2019

noowner 827832
thank you

The interesting part of the reporter's logs suggest that the following test


The failure is caused by a thread failing to spawn due to resource
limitations on
the reporter's machine.

The reporter is using a single-processor VM.  I tried to emulate this by using
`dpkg-buildpackage -j1` and again by using `taskset --cpu-list 0

I was unable to reproduce the problem.  I also fixed another RC bug in
this package

and buildd was also able to build this package.

Because buildd and other single-core builds are all successful, I
would regard this

bug as `important` instead of `serious`.  I am offloading ownership as
I focus on

other RC bugs.
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